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  • SAVE THE DATE - Toulouse Onco Week 2020

    The third edtion of the Toulouse Onco Week is lauched!

    It will takes place at the Toulouse Congress Center, from the 1st to the 5th of February 2020.

    More information : contact@toulouse-onco-week.org

    In February 2016 , Toulouse was at the forefront of the fight against cancer by hosting the Toulouse Onco Week (TOW). The event taking place in the frame of the World Cancer Day aimed at gathering leading international scientists and major private and public players,actors of research and care .
    This widely publicized, event featured promising scientific breakthroughs and the strong involvement of the medico-scientific community. The fight must go on.
    Find out about the 2018 programme and join us.
    Toulouse Onco Week 2018, Be part of it !
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