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    At the heart of southwestern France, Toulouse is a city with many assets that appeal entrepreneurs and travellers alike. It combines strong economic prospects, a heritage of great beauty, a rich culture and top-quality gastronomy… Knowledgeable yet dynamic, it benefits from a sunny climate and a local temperament that is always ready to to celebrate and create joy.
    To ensure you don’t miss a thing, dare to explore the city we like to call the Ville Rose. What awaits you? Adventure! The adventure of aviation, of space and science, but also your own adventure, one will give you unforgettable moments.

    Toulouse Métropole in figures

    // 4th largest city in France
    // Capital of the Occitanie region
    // Situated 681km south of Paris, 110km from the ski resorts of the Pyrenees, 150km from the Mediterranean Sea and 250km from the Atlantic Ocean.
    // 472,000 inhabitants in Toulouse.
    // 1.3 million inhabitants across the urban area.
    // N° 1 in the world for the aeronautics industry
    // International airport (9 million passengers a year):
                • Situated 20 minutes from the city centre;
                • 40 daily flights between Paris and Toulouse.
    // 2,031 hours of sunshine on average per year
    // 638mm of rainfall on average per year

    Prepare your stay and see you on the tourist information office website.
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