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  • Play La Chauve SouriT

    Saturday, February 3, 8PM

    Pierre Baudis Congress Center at Compans Caffarelli
    (metro line B - Compans)
    Price €10  (+ €1  registration fee)

    La Chauve SouriT, alis Caroline tells with humor, authenticity and casualness her fight against cancer. The strength of this story is to be as funny as poignant, giving lightly to this personal adventure a universal dimension.

    You want to laugh at the disease? Feel how much life is there? It's this way…

  • Caroline, 37, was a military and then a "burnout" marketer. To remind him that there was worse in life a cancer fell on him. Could that be the mood? On the contrary! She decided to laugh at it and enjoy it to make sense of her life.

    Especially since she knows how to remind us that potentially everyone is concerned. So you will leave with tips and tricks just in case.

    From the announcement to the family "why are you doing this to me?", To the friends "oh no, you were too nice", from speed dating without hair, to the painful roommates of depressive hospitals ... Everybody goes there.

    Fortunately, there are also advantages: organize your funeral or be VIP in emergencies: "You are this famous case more urgent than others ..." and maybe get by.

    She tells us about her struggle with the authenticity and casualness that characterizes her. This "bald woman who smiles" of her illness is her, and any resemblance to existing or existing characters is not necessarily fortuitous.