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  • Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse
    A campus dedicated to cancer care and innovative strategies in health. For the first time in Europe, the Oncopole of Toulouse, gathers researchers, academic and private laboratories, industries, startup, medical care center focusing on research and discovering innovative and individualized treatments. 

    The power of Oncopole is the gathering of talents, projects and platforms  strengthening  Toulouse commitment in scientifc innovation dedicated to research and care.

    With a 1 billion euro investment, more than 1500 researchers, 1400 medical actors and more than 300,000 m2 of new buildings,  Oncopole makes fundamental and clinical sciences, medical and human sciences, companies of health and innovation converge on an exceptional site of 220 hectares.

    Contact : Michel Attal, General Director 

    Cancer Research Center of Toulouse
    The CRCT is a public research institute affiliated as UMR1037 (Mixed unit) of Inserm, University Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier and ERL5294 by CNRS. It is composed of 18 research teams, services and facilities. The insitute is located on the “Oncopole” campus where academic, scientific, medical, clinical, technological and pharmaceutical researches are interacting together.
    288 people composed the CRCT : investigators, students, clinicians, technical and administrative staff. The Cancer Research Center of Toulouse allows, in accordance to Inserm obejctives, a research from the bench to the bed of patients.

    Contacts : Mary Poupot & Christine Bezombes, investigators and member of scientific events committee

    Together against Cancer: "eradicate the disease, surround the patient".

    As a leader in the development of the campus, Toulouse Métropole supports all the actors of the care, the public and private research, and the economic and social world, to make Oncopole an international showcase of scientific excellence territory.

    Contact : Benjamin Gandouet

    CBS is a cluster dedicated to innovation in the field of cancer. Since the end of 2013, the cluster is also working on the monitoring and the following of ageing people.The cluster was created to provide support for more than 200 companies in the Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin Regions, working in collaboration with research laboratories,cancer centers and hospitals, to develop innovative products for cancer treatment and care and place them on the international market. In addition, the Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster targets a multidisciplinary approach and operates throughout the value chain covering the landscape of cancer and ageing, from prevention to follow up and home care including e-health technologies.

    Contact : Alexis MONNIER, general director

    La ligue
    1st French NGO private & nonprofit funder for research against cancer.

    The League finances the best research teams ensuring considerable advances in treatment. Financing more than 800 research projects yearly in France, the League has invest 400 M€ in the past decade in research against cancer.

    Other League missions:
    Prevent to protect : the League encourages early detection and prevention to reduce the risk of cancer.
    Support to help :  the League informs and helps patients during and after the disease.
    Defending equal rights in healthcare: The League is approved to represent the users of the French healthcare system: 500 representatives defend the rights of the patients and their relatives. The League, a non-political NGO relying on the commitment of its volunteers & the generosity of the public.

    Contact : Marie-Ange LEOPHONTE

    Fondation Toulouse Cancer Santé #cancertousconcernés
    The "FondationToulouse Cancer Santé" is a private "nonprofit" foundation created by Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Pierre Fabre, Siemens, and Total with the participation of the French National Research Agency (ANR).

    The specific aim of  Foundation is to promote the Toulouse - Oncopole University Institute of Cancer, by selecting  public and private research partnerships, and by financing:
    -       interdisciplinary research in the technologies domain and in life sciences in general, applied in diagnostics and drug discovery, with a special focus in oncology.
    -       Technological platforms dedicated to the whole regional scientific community
    Thanks to the support of numerous companies and private donors, Toulouse Cancer Santé is funding several innovative projects in the regional research centers.

    Contact: Lionel HAVION

    Agence d’Attractivité Toulouse

    Agence d’Attractivité Toulouse –  Tourisme - meetings - business capitalizes the expertise of three sectors: tourism, meetings and economic development. Its missions:
    - To develop Toulouse’s notoriety and international image.
    - Encourage tourist attendance through the direct incoming or intermediation.
    - Prospecting high added-value industrial projects.
    - Welcome and ensure the engineering of any exogenous project, creator of jobs and wealth.
    - Create good conditions for the meeting industry development (prospecting and hosting international congresses with a strong scientific content).

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